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How to Check your MCU, AD-1, and RMC-230 Firmware

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 09:06AM PST

How to Check your MCU
and AD-1 Firmware

This guide applies to the following units:
MCU-100, MCU-200, MCU-100P, MCU-200P, MCU-100S, MCU-200S,
MCU-100J, MCU-200J, AD-1, AD-1P, AD-1S, AD-1J,
RMC-230, AD-2P, AD-2S, and AD-2J

Please note that the optional RMC-230 controller currently only works with the Sony MCU system and cameras and there is not a function to verify the firmware version. It is recommended to run the latest firmware update and note on your unit that it was updated.

After checking your firmware version, you can return to our MCU Series Firmware Update Guide. Please also read our MCU Series Frequently Asked Questions.

To check your current firmware versions:

-Connect an AD-1 and camera to your MCU unit
-Power on the camera and MCU unit
-Select the camera using the Cam select buttons
-Move those 5 three-way switches to their center position

-Power on the unit
-Move the knee switch to the down position
-Press and hold menu for 3 seconds

-When you see "F1-1" on the LCD, press the small select knob
-The LCD will display the firmware version of the MCU unit

-Press the small select knob and rotate it until you see "F1-2" on the LCD, then press it again
-The LCD will display the firmware version of the AD-1 unit for the active camera

-Power off and on your unit again to return to normal operation

Note that the camera needs to be connected and powered on in order to read the AD-1 firmware version

Please e-mail with your camera
model and we will send the latest firmware version that
best supports your cameras

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