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NVS-25 / NVS-30 - Encode Settings Guide

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2018 12:19PM PST

NVS-25 / NVS-30
Encode Settings Guide

Which settings are best for your NVS-25 and NVS-30? There are no specific settings for every user and application, though the factory default settings are a good starting point.

Note that settings vary depending on your CDN and network connection, so you will need to experiment for best results.

Internet Protocols can be confusing at first, so it helps to understand the basics and how it relates to your network connection and encoder. Please take a look at our Streaming Terminology Guide.

Application Layer: RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, etc.
Transport Layer: TCP, UDP, HLS, etc.

  Sample Application Latency  
RTSP LAN Point to Point Low  
RTMP Push to CDN Lower  
HLS Web Player Moderate to High  

Example: Talk Show VS. Fast-Moving Sports

The more movement in your video source, the harder the encoder has to work, and the more data it needs to push to deliver a quality H.264 encoded video stream.

  Talk Show Basketball Game
720p60 Bitrate 1500 Kbit/s CBR 3000 Kbit/s CBR
1080p30 Bitrate 3000 Kbit/s CBR 5000 Kbit/s CBR
720p60 Profile Main 3.1 Main 3.1
1080p30 Profile High 4.0 High 4.0
GOP Size 30-60 15-30
GOP Structure IBBP (HLS & RTSP only) IPPP (aka IP)
Audio 128 Kbit/s Mono 128 Kbit/s Mono


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