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Datavideo PTC and BC Series DVIP Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 02:08PM PST
Datavideo PTC and BC Series DVIP
Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

This guide covers the PTC-100, PTC-150, PTC-150T, PTC-200, PTC-200T, BC-80, BC-200, and BC-200T.

  • Please note that the BC-50 does not support DVIP.
  • Please note that the PTC-100 is discontinued and its DVIP will not function with our software

Before configuring or updating DVIP on your camera, please first update your camera to the latest firmware:

How to Change the Camera's IP Settings
  • Install the DVIP Configuration Software:
  • PTC-150, PTC-200, BC-80, BC-200: Directly connect the camera's DVIP port to a PC or Ethernet switch
  • PTC-150T, PTC-200T, BC-200T: Directly connect (with the camera connected) the HBT-11's DVIP port to a PC or Ethernet switch
  • Please Note: If you are connected to a router, or a network with a DHCP server, this may not work, your LAN needs to be in the same IP range of the camera, which by default is 192.168.100.XXX
  • Setup your PC's static IP as
  • Run DVIP.exe
  • Select your wired Ethernet adapter from the drop-down menu in the software window
  • Click on the Search button
  • The camera(s) will appear on the list in the top half of the software window, along with the current IP settings
  • Please Note: The bottom half of the software window contains the text boxes with the settings that you want to change the camera to, not what it currently has
  • The MAC address for each cam is also printed on the bottom to help you match them to the addresses in the search results
  • Change the name and network settings for the camera you want to configure
  • Click Apply to save changes
  • Once you get a pop-up window that it was successful, power off and on the camera
  • Once the camera is fully booted, click Search again to confirm that the camera's name and network settings changed
  • If you are unable to connect to the camera, you can try to close and re-open the utility by running it as an administrator
  • Please Note: You can right click on the application and select the option to run as an administrator for single-use, or you can go to properties and check the option to run as an administrator every time
  • If you are still having issues connecting, please update the DVIP Firmware by following the section below, or reset the DVIP settings using the DVIP Firmware Tool

  • Please Note: If you are using the HS-1500T switcher, you do not need to configure your IP, the switcher will do it for you via a wizard in the Setup sub-menu.

How to Update the DVIP Firmware

  • ‚ÄčDVIP Firmware Version 1.3 and Update Tool
  • Note: If you purchased your camera after July 2017, you probably do not need to update the DVIP firmware. But if you have issues using DVIP, run the Update Tool and run the Get Version command to confirm the DVIP firmware version.
  • Note: the DVIP firmware is different than the camera firmware, and has its own update process.
  • Note: Please make sure to log in as an Administrator or run the program an Administrator
  • Please connect the camera to the same network as your PC via the PTC-150's DVIP port or the PTC-150T's HBT-11 DVIP port.
  • If you plan to connect your PC directly to the camera, set your PC's static IP as
  • Right click on DVIP Upgrade Tool.exe, click on the Compatibility tab, and check the box for Run this program as an administrator, then click Apply and OK
  • Now open DVIP Upgrade Tool.exe
  • Select your Ethernet adapter from the drop-down menu in the software window
  • Once you enter the MAC address, you can click Get Version and confirm that it is 1.3
  • Please note that the MAC address entry will not advance automatically, you can either click the next box or press the Tab key to advance
  • If it's an earlier version, click the Start button and the update will begin
  • If the update fails, confirm your PC's IP settings, then reboot both the camera and your PC and try again
  • If you continue to experience issues, you can also reset the DVIP configuration via this utility
  • Note: The update may fail if you are not logged in as the Administrator, or run the app as an Administrator
  • Note: Make sure to run the program as an administrator, if you are not sure, right click and select Run As Administrator
  • If you are unable to connect to the camera, please close and re-open the utility.

DVIP Protocol Troubleshooting
  • DVIP protocol uses extended Hexdecimal table with the variables sent as ascii characters written straight into hexadecimal format.
  • Therefore "18" in ascii (for pan/tilt speed "VV and WW") is sent as "0×18".
  • Basically put "0x" in front of each grouping in the string sent and send strong in total hexadecimal format.

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