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All-In-One Cable Buying Guide

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018 09:35AM PDT

All-In-One Cable Buying Guide

SDI, CV, 4pin XLR, 5pin XLR
(Extend with VP-605H)
CB-22H: 30M HD/SD
CB-23H: 50M HD/SD
SDI, CV, 5pin XLR
CB-24: 100M SD only

SDI, CV, RJ-45, 5pin XLR
CB-30: 30M HD/SD*
CB-31: 50M HD/SD

All In One
(Use with CCU-100P or CCU-100S)
CB-43: 30M HD/SD
CB-44: 50M HD/SD
CB-45: 80M HD/SD
CB-49: 100M HD/SD
SDI, 5-pin XLR
(Use with VP-781)
CB-46: 30M HD/SD
CB-47: 50M HD/SD
CB-50: 100M HD/SD
The CB-22H and CB-23H are compatible with the PD-6, DDC-4012H, and VP-605HPlease note that the “non-H” versions of these accessories are NOT meant to be used on the PD-6.
The CB-22, CB-23, and CB-24 is compatible with the PD-3, DDC-2512, and DDC-4012. Please note that the “H” versions of the DDC series accessories are NOT meant to be used on the PD-3.
The SDI and CV Lookback cables are very similar to RG59
The thicker SDI video cable is 3C-2V, or 2.5C-HD (CB-50 only)
The thinner CV lookback is 1.5C-2V

According to Wikipedia, 3C-2V is part of the JIS C 3501 standard:
The 3 indicates approx diameter of the conductive core (=0.5 mm)
The C indicates a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms
The 2 indicates a solid PE dielectric core
The V indicates a single braided outer conductor (W would be double)

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