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TVS-1x00: Intel VGA Driver not installed error during start-up

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2017 01:34AM PST
TVS is using the internal graphics system (IGD) as part of the rendering of the software.
When something is wrong, this a pop-up comes up saying "Intel VGA Driver not installed"

Most of the time this happens when the external graphics adapter is not enabled (PEG) in the BIOS.
To correct this, reboot the system and press F2 or DEL to access the BIOS and follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the “Settings” tab in the BIOS and select “Advanced” settings
  2. Navigate to the “Integrated Graphics Configuration”
  3. It is very likely that “IGD Multi-Monitor” is disabled.
        We don’t want that, since the system uses the IGD for the TVS software.
  4. Enable the “IGD Multi-Monitor” option and set PEG as main Graphics adapter.
        Allocate 64Mb of shared memory to it; this is enough, please do not allocate more.
  5. SAVE settings and reboot.

Another cause is that people are connecting a monitor to the on-board display card (IGD).
This is incorrect. The Main display output (PEG) should be used instead.