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PTC-150 and RMC-180 Joystick Direction

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019 03:32PM PDT
RMC-180 and PTC-150 Joystick Direction. 

When you are looking to flip the Joystick direction on your RMC-180 to work with the PTC-150 you will need to first identify the placement of the Camera. Are you gonna have it right side up or upside down. 

Simply Put:
If camera is mounted upside down: On the RMC-180 menu if  the 'Joystick" direction says "Normal" then it will be normal. If you move the joystick up the cameras head will move up and the image will move up and same with down or left or right.  If you set it to "Reverse" then the camera will move opposite of the joysticks direction(example: if you move the joystick left the camera will move right) 

If camera is mounted upright: On  the RMC-180 Menu the "Joystick" Direction will say "Reverse" this will be normal on a camera mounted upright. So if you move the joystick up the camera will move up and if you pointed down it will move down same with left and right. If you set the "Joystick" Direction to "Normal" then the camera will move opposite the way you move the joystick. So if you go left it will go right and if you go up it will go down. 

So make sure to know how you are mounting it and in what way you want the image to be moving before you adjust your settings. 

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