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Baud Rates for the PTC-120 and PTC-150

Last Updated: May 26, 2017 11:20AM PDT

Baud Rates for the PTC-150,
PTC-150T, & PTC-120

When setting up your Datavideo cameras, you may notice there are different baud rates, and wonder if one has an advantage over the other.

The baud rate refers to the communication speed of the serial protocol. While faster means it can support more data, in the case of PTZ cameras, this makes no difference, it simply broadens compatibility.

With the PTC-120 and RMC-190, you need to set each camera and the controller to the same baud rate, either 9600 or 38400.

Note that for the PTC-150 and PTC-150T, the default baud rate settings should not be changed in order to work properly with the RMC-180 and HBT-11 receiver.

If you or someone else changed these settings while troubleshooting the cameras, below are the default values 

With the PTC-150 and RMC-180, you need to set the RS422 baud rate for each camera and the controller to 38400 only. Note that the camera has an option for 115200, but the RMC-180 does not support this rate.

With the PTC-150T and RMC-180, you need to set the DVIP baud rate for each camera to 115200. The HBT-11 receiver box will then automatically convert it to 38400 via the RS422 output for connection to the RMC-180.

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